5.8. Modules

Neon code can be divided into modules, which are separate source files. A module named example would be found in a file called example.neon.

Module source code must export identifiers before they can be used outside the module file. This is done with the EXPORT declaration:

EXPORT hello

FUNCTION hello()
    print("Hello world")

In order to use an identifier exported by another module, the IMPORT declaration must be used.




Individual identifiers may also be imported:

IMPORT os.getenv


5.8.1. Module Path

When a module is imported, the compiler must be able to locate the code for the imported module. The followed directories are searched in order:

  1. Same directory as the importing source file
  2. The current directory
  3. The directories in the environment variable NEONPATH
  4. The directories listed in the .neonpath file in the current directory